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The third annual Internal Communications Conference will take place from March 23 to March 25 in London. The event is for Internal Communications and Employee Engagement leaders to gain practical and valuable advice. We will address topics from powerful communications strategies to the role of IC in building a sustainable business, communicating to an offline global audience, metrics and cultural change. For a sneak peek of the event, check out imgZine’s interviews with conference speakers from BBC, Transport for London and eBay.



Lucy Adams

Lucy Adams, Managing Director of Firehouse and former HR Director at BBC, believes that traditional HR approaches are not keeping up with the demands of a disrupted world: “Employees should be engaged in a totally new way. How we communicate and listen is vital to this new approach.” The lines between HR and internal communications are blurring. During the event, she will talk about how you can create trust and build leadership capability to communicate in a disrupted world. Read the complete interview here.


Ben MatthewseBay’s Head of Strategic Communications Ben Matthews has a data-driven approach to communications. During the event, Matthews will explain how you can use insights in the right way to drive great outcomes for your Internal Communications. However, Matthews doesn’t only use metrics and technology. In his interview with imgZine, he states that one of the key factors behind eBay’s internal communications strategy is finding the right balance between the human and the technological.


Heather WagonerLondon Underground’s Head of Internal Communication and Engagement, Heather Wagoner, will share her insights on keeping up with the latest developments in the industry. One of these developments is personalization. In her interview with imgZine she mentions: “Communications pros are often getting caught in circles of endlessly trying to tailor messages for smaller and smaller audiences. In my opinion, the key is creating messages that appeal to employees on a ‘human’ level rather than a role, location or a generational level.”


Hear Lucy Adams, Ben Matthews, Heather Wagoner and many more great speakers talk about trends, challenges and innovative ideas at the Internal Communications Conference from March 23 to March 25 in London. Register now!


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Kelly Verdonk is Communications-Researcher at imgZine. She writes about and reports the latest internal & external communications trends, carries out market research and analyzes customer insights.