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Specialised Courses

BOC offers extensive specialised courses for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries. From introduction to petrochemicals managing projects and executing strategies in the oil sector.

Petrochemicals and Refining for Non Technical Professionals (SPP1)

2 Days | £1350 | London

Petrochemical Markets: Managing Commercial and Financial Risks (SPM2)

2 Days | £1750 | London

Petrochemicals: Production and Trading (ST25)

2 Days | £1350 | London

Oil and Gas Markets: Global Risk Management, Price Risk Management , Treasury Management (SRM2)

2 Days | £1350 | London

Introduction to Petrochemicals (SIP4)

2 Days | £1350 | London

Project Management in the Oil and Gas Sector (SP20)

2 Days | £1750 | London

Organisational Learning and Knowledge Management for Oil and Gas Industries (S0L1)

2 Days | £1250 | London

Laytime and Demurrage for Wet and Dry Cargo (SDC01)

2 Days | £1290 | London

BOC Specialised Courses for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries are focused on developing excellence within your team. Our specialised courses enable delegates to acquire a powerful combination of new knowledge, skills and strategies.