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9th Annual

International Summit

Reinventing HRLeading with Employee Experience

1-3 December 2020

London, UK

Now running for the 9th year, the much anticipated Annual Reinventing HR Summit, will be held in London, 1-3 December 2020 .

This “invitation only” event is designed for senior Inhouse HRs and Employee Engagement Professionals wishing to find time to reflect and refresh their practice;

Invitations can be requested online and will be offered, once the request has been successfully reviewed by the Events Team.


This three-day International event is structured and balanced to allow for a series of interesting workshops and case studies, offering new strategies and fresh thinking, supplemented by discussions of research, theory and insightful debate. The event is always carefully programmed, with engaging speakers and practical, applicable knowledge sharing.

Attendees will learn:

  • The Power of the Employee Experience- learn from best practice, future-focused thinking and research
  • The Ethical Organisation- take away bespoke Initiatives and measurements to put into place
  • Building Your Employer Brand to Be Employer of Choice
  • The Neuroscience Behind Effective and Lasting Corporate Culture Transformation and Employee Mental Wellbeing
  • From Talent Management to Talent experience and much more

Save the dates:

3-5 June 2020 / 2-4 December 2020


Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, UK

Reinventing HR Summit Inspiring Speakers 2020

Hear stories that will energise and motivate you

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Discover proven techniques and approaches to the biggest HR challenges. Join us for expert insight and networking opportunities.

Call for Papers

Each year our team works hard to deliver the most engaged audience from across the globe to learn, share best-practices and network. If you have valuable knowledge to impart and want to address a captive room of diverse professionals then we can give you the perfect platform.

Email Kat Eletskih: K.Eletskih@BOC-UK.com to submit your session idea.


The Ethical Organisation

1. Understands the business’ Purpose, beyond profit
2. Put together an externally facing CSR strategy and framework
3. Audit whether your internal D&I journey is aligned to that framework
4. Learn from best practice and future-focused thinking and research Leave with a practical 1-3 year framework and bespoke initiatives and measurements to put into place, to augment your EmployerBrand.

Meg HeadleyWorkshop Facilitator - 
Meg Headley, Co-Founder, Atticus

Building Your Employer Brand to Be Employer of Choice

In this talk Katharina Auer will look at branding, employer branding, promises, how to listen to the voice of the employee on the topic of ‘who we are’ and ‘who we want to be’ – and building this into the whole brand experience, including your employer brand.


Katharina Auer -24Auer ConsultingWorkshop Facilitator - Katharina Auer, Principal, 24Auer Consulting

Katharina is an internationally recognised business communications leader, having worked for global brands such as GE, AstraZeneca, Shell, Rio Tinto, Zurich Insurance and ABB.    She is an integrated communications and change leader, trainer, employee listening and measurement expert.  

Exploring Neuroscience: The Science Behind Effective and lasting Corporate Culture transformation and employee mental wellbeing

A Full Day Masterclass

Neuroscience is revealing how behaviour originates in the brain. This knowledge gives HR practitioners a deeper and clearer understanding of how to support teams, drive engagement and enable effective change. The learning from our colleagues in the science community is shining a light on how behaviour and mindset matters, how the right environments create the best ideas and how language, consistency and emotion all play a leading role. We now have the evidence to support what we have always instinctively understood.

Deborah Hulme ICWorkshop Facilitator: DEBORAH HULME, Director, Minerva Engagement

Deborah is the founder of culture and engagement consultancy, Minerva Engagement.  Minerva exists to improve performance from the inside out and Deborah works across organisations to agree, develop and implement strategies that impact behaviour, build trust and deliver high performance.  Her practice is underpinned by the latest research from Neuroscience.

HR Brilliance Awards 2020

Has your organisation gone above and beyond to achieve success?

Get involved and celebrate all that your HR team has achieved over the last year and beyond

Reasons to Join

  • This conference is set to challenge your current practices, open up questions for debate, provide you with personal growth tactics and demonstrate how you too can refine your function/strategy
  • In-depth learning over 3 days - the ideal platform to discover new opportunities to exploit and rejuvenate your ingrained habits
  • Hear from your peers on how you too can maintain a sustainable yet innovative HR strategy to prevent you being outdated in this age of disruption
  • Immerse yourself amongst a truly diverse audience

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It was really a pleasure attending this comprehensive HR summit and looking forward for coming events... Very good selection of programme topics.

Abu Dhabi National Holding

Director of HR

Coca-Cola İçecek, Turkey

Compensation Benefits Specialist
Thank you very much for inviting us to such a valuable and exciting summit and provide us the platform to tell our story.
Excellent engaging presentation, I learned a lot and it helped me understand what I am doing well.

Gazprom marketing and Trading, UK

L&D Manager

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