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5 Questions That Leaders Who Want to Attract and Retain Existing Talent Should Ask Themselves by Gyan Nagpal [INTERVIEW]

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gyan nagpal

“If we agree that the education, employment and retirement continuum is no longer a linear “cradle to grave” construct, then several tools for managing this reality are increasingly proving redundant. Job descriptions used for hiring are one such example. Hiring managers often write these as a reflection of their own experiences, ignoring the fact that we are entering an era where the emphasis should be less on ready competence and more on transferable skills.”

Gyan Nagpal

The 5 questions leaders who want to attract and retain talent must ask themselves:

  1. Do we really need a FTE (Full Time Employee) for this, or are their other avenues to access capability with greater flexibility, speed and value?
  2. If we do need a FTE, what unconventional entry points can we experiment with, which would give us access to more diverse candidates?
  3. How can we strip out all “nice to have” criteria from our position guidelines, and focus them purely on non-negotiables? For example: ask yourself if a degree in business, or 5 years in a similar role are really needed for middle and junior jobs. In most cases, they are not.
  4. How are we going to accelerate internal mobility; taking more bets on good people we know, and at the same time making our existing talent feel valued, refreshed and challenged?
  5. What mechanisms do we need to help existing and new talent retool quickly and efficiently?

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About the Author: Kelly Verdonk is Communications-Researcher at imgZine. Kelly writes posts and reports on the latest internal & external communications trends, market research and customer insights.