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3 December 2020

Entry Deadline: 2nd October 2020


Business Brilliance Award UK 2020 Categories

Entry Deadline:

2 October 2020

Finalists Announced:

23 October 2020

Awards Evening:

3 December 2020

Brand Brilliance (small to medium businesses with  Turnover under €20m)
Will you be best of the best?  Brand Brilliance award will be selected by judges after healthy debate and deliberation. The winner will be the star entry that encompasses the very best of Business Brilliance over the year. this award will go to the candidate that can best demonstrate consistent growth and strong financial performance and Brand recognition. Judges will look for evidence of exceptional delivery, site engagement and functionality, security, innovation and ethical practice. They will also look at how staff are engaged and developed, how the organisation’s strategic vision is led, managed and implemented, and evidence of a plan for sustained growth.

Brand Brilliance (Large Business with Turnover €20m+)

Same as above

Brilliance in Customer Service

Recognises those constantly striving to exceed customer expectations, industry leading standards of service, and innovation around customer experience. Judges will look at how the organisation measures customer satisfaction, how effectively complaints are dealt with, and how customer service has improved commercial performance.

Employer of the Year 

This award recognises organisations that have created a stimulating and supportive work environment and a real commitment to the welfare of its employees, resulting in high staff satisfaction levels and a well-motivated, ambitious and integrated workforce.

Entrepreneur of the Year

In recognition of a highly motivated entrepreneur who continues to exemplify drive, determination and exceptional abilities in the creation and administration of a successful business. The winner of this award will have a proven record of leadership, ingenuity, tenacity and success.

Business Leader of the Year

Judges will be looking for individuals who can demonstrate outstanding enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurial flair. A business leader with exceptional vision and leadership, with a strong financial track record.

Innovative Team of the Year 

There is no ‘I’ in team Teams entering this category deliver excellent team work and added value. Through their remarkable determination, dedication and coordination they successfully use their varied skills and knowledge for the benefit of the business. If your team has produced excellent results, you deserve recognition.

Brilliance in Environmental & Corporate Sustainability

To win this award you need to show that your organisation has addressed its wider social responsibilities and made a real difference to the community. We’re looking for a company that has truly taken responsibility for the impact its activities have on the environment, local residents and the wider community, and also has an eye to its employees. This could take in the promotion of diversity and equality within the workplace.

Best New Product Launch 

Awarded to the campaign most effective in gaining brand awareness/trial/repeat for a new, repositioned, existing or extended product service or company. Emphasis: clever, innovative ideas to make a brand relevant/new, worth trying.

International Business of the Year Award

This award is made to the organisation that is judged to have achieved the most impressive overall business performance internationally. Judging will be based on clarity of international strategy, achievement of revenue and the provision of at least one strong case study.

UK Business of the Year Award

This award is designed to celebrate an UK company whose growth, ambition and quality of management has enabled it to out-perform its peers financially, and for a company that has delivered on a compelling business strategy.

CEO of the Year Award

For a CEO to win, he or she needs to have consistently demonstrated clarity of vision, judgment and motivational skills that transform and empower organisations.

This award is for recognition of courage, perseverance, dedication, ethics and the ability to bring about real change for the better at a company level, in the industry as a whole and in the lives of employees. Judges will consider a CEO’s entire track record, with particular attention focused on that individual’s accomplishments since January 2017.

Start-up of the Year 

Open to all companies which have been trading for less than 3 years at time of application.

Entrants must be able to show how their business has progressed in line with their business plan. Success will be proven by the business and its employees having a clear understanding of their products, competitors and the marketplace in which the business operates. Existing business under new management are ineligible in this category.


Award Submissions Deadline: 6pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), 2 October 2020

Award ceremony: 3 December, 2020, London, UK. 

The subject of your entry must have been featured in your campaigns during the year from 2 October 2018 to  2 October 2020.

  • Entering the Business Brilliance Awards tells all stakeholders how confident and proud you are of your achievements
  • Recognition and success in the competition brings high levels of exposure and acclaim for your organisation
  • Success in the Awards offers extensive networking, interaction and learning with the most successful businesses.
  1. Register and submit your registration form after you Identify the category or categories you wish to enter.
  2. Once registered you will receive an email confirmation together with special category entry form. Award Submissions Deadline: 2 October 2020,  6pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
  3. The judging will take place in October and the short listed names will be released on 23th October 2020.

An independent judging panel – made up of industry experts and leading companies – will consider the entries and adjudicate.

SCORING CRITERIA INCLUDES: – clarity of objectives – campaign strategy – creativity – campaign execution – use of budget – return on investment.

The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into concerning their decisions