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6th Annual



3 December 2020

London, UK

IC Brilliance Award Categories

Entry Deadline:

2 October 2020

Finalists Announced:

23 October 2020

Awards Evening:

3 December 2020

Awards Entry Process

We invite your organisation to submit nominations to enter the 2020 International Brilliance Awards, honouring the outstanding achievements in the workplace.

All organizations worldwide are eligible to submit nominations to this International Brilliance Awards: large and small, public and private, for-profit and non-profit. Nominations may be submitted by individuals or organisations.

The 2019 Award has attracted nominations from organisations of all types, from different parts of the world. Many of the world’s largest and most famous companies have won BOC Brilliance Awards. However, some of our winners each year are small and midsize companies that are still growing and building their brands and investing in their people.

The main component of an entry is the 2,000-word entry document which can be requested here

Ones completed, please email the document to Awards@boc-uk.com

In addition to the entry document, you may include supporting material. Supporting material does not contribute to the 2,000-word limit of the entry document. Supporting material may include, but is not limited to:

  • Photographs
  • Testimonials
  • Graphs/data
  • Videos (please send a link or the video file)

Please note: you can send a maximum of 5 supporting documents.

  • Single Award Entry - £250
  • Up to 3 award Entries - £390
  • Single Pass for Award Reception - £250
  • Group of 4 - 4 Passes for Award Reception - £899
  • Table of 8 - 8 Passes for Award Reception - £1699
  • Premium Table of 10 - 10 Passes for Award Reception - £1990
  • Premium Table of 12 - 12 Passes for Award Reception - £2299
  • Single Pass for Award Reception - £250
  • Additional Trophy - £150

*all prices exclude VAT

Judging of entries will be conducted in October by the members of specialized judging committees. Judges are recruited worldwide, based on their industry, function and experience.

Judges will review and rate entries online, at their convenience.

All entries that receive a final average score of at least 70 out of 100 from the judges will be recognised as finalists. The eligible nomination with the highest average score in a category will be designated the Brilliance Award winner, and will receive a Brilliance trophy.

Other eligible nominations with a final average score of at least 80 will be designated as Golden and Silver winners, and will receive framed Certificates.

Awards Categories

Brilliance in Internal Communications Campaign Entries should describe how ongoing strategic communications, or a significant public relations project, have engaged internal stakeholders such as managers, employees, trade unions etc. to promote corporate objectives, whether in the public or the private sector.

Brilliance in Use of Technology in IC

This award looks for innovative service providers or inhouse IC teams

that create and distribute IC – specific technology solutions to clients, or within their own organisation .

IC Team of the Year

The Award is looking to recognise The Team among the IC community who has demonstrated excellence in the past 12 months. The awards seek to reward those who have contributed to the development and deployment of innovative strategies and tools that improve business growth.

The awards in this category will be judged against four key criteria:

Professionalism: Consistently meeting or exceeding challenging objectives and demonstrating a quality approach through personal values and working practices.

Innovation: Used innovative approaches, working practices or technologies to enhance their organisation.

Team Effort/ Role model: Provided an example to peers or colleagues. Has Impacted or inspired other business leaders.

Measurable success: Has delivered quantifiable benefits to their organisation through involvement with leadership initiatives in the past year and can demonstrate personal development to enhance their ability to succeed in future.

IC Professional of the Year

The Award is looking to recognise an individual among the IC community who has demonstrated excellence in their profession during the past 12 months.

Best IC Consultancy

Only pro-active agencies/consultancies that offer competent and successful performance-based services need apply. Judges will be casting a critical eye on results delivered by Agency led projects, innovative strategies and their efficiency, effective communication, transparency and ROI.

Brilliance in Employee Engagement

Entrants should demonstrate the use of research and communications to build employee motivation. The judges will be looking for a positive effect on employee attitudes and business performance. They will evaluate:

○ Employee research
○ Successful internal communication of brand values
○ Evidence of improved employee motivation
○ Improved brand or service provision for customers

How to Enter

Share best practice.

Measure your effectiveness.

Win an award.

Step 1.

Register - Choose your category

Submit your registration form after you Identify the category or categories you wish to enter. Once registered you will receive an email confirmation together with special category entry form. Award Submissions Deadline: 6pm GMT, 2 October 2020.

Step 2.

Pay for your award entry

Once you have submitted your entry an invoice will be sent to you on email. Once this invoice is paid your award entry is complete. Your payment must be processed for your award entry to be fully submitted and judged.

Step 3.

Relax, Wait patiently…

You’ve done the hard bit, now just follow us on twitter, join the LinkedIn group and look forward to the evening party and celebration. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on 3 December 2020.